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Raj you are a sinnamonroll.
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Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:28 am by Larus Seagull

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Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:28 am by Larus Seagull

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 Get to know the Admin - Larus

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Larus Seagull
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PostSubject: Get to know the Admin - Larus   Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:28 am

Get to know admin Larus!

Name: Larus Thayeri

Age: 19

Birthday: July 2

Pronouns: They / Them / He / His

About Me:
I am out of school as a highschool graduate. I attempted USAF BMT though was unable to complete due to previously unknown medical issues. I am currently searching for a job which is looking hopeful!

I usually only play a certain series of games, being the Fallout Series, my current favorite being Fallout 4 which was very recently released.

My favorite creature, at all, would have to be dragons through and through. I am otherkin and dragon is actually one of my kintypes along with cat, canine and deer. Which is a little funny considering my main kintype is dragon.

I draw mostly in my free time! I'm currently a traditional only artist working with pencil and watercolors!

Contact me:

Skype SON OF A BITCH - currently

Kik Norway.Niels

Email(s) alexandria.j.golden@gmail.com / 2p.norway.aleks@gmail.com

Flight Rising Cheezeburger123 @ 132649

Tumblr Cheezeburger123 - warning some weird content

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Get to know the Admin - Larus
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